A Chagas’ Disease Primer: Part 3

If you wish to read the Chagas’ Disease primer in order, click here to go to Part 1 and follow the links.

Life Cycle of Trypanosoma cruzi
Below is the life cycle of T. cruzi.

Countless medical and veterinary students have been up late nights cursing life cycles, trying to remember the difference between Strongyloides stercoralis, Strongyles vulgaris, and Aelurostrongylus abstrusus . Parasitologists (at least male, heterosexual parasitologists), however, would rather look at complicated life cycles than pictures of Anita Ekberg in her prime.

The recommendation of this blog is to read this and get familiar with it. You don’t need to memorize it to understand Chagas’ disease. (Click on the diagram for a larger, more legible view.)

As far as life cycles go, it’s relatively uncomplicated. Write to us if you have any questions. Thanks to the CDC for the diagram.


One response to “A Chagas’ Disease Primer: Part 3

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