Can you get Chagas’ Disease from another person?

Not really. Don’t get caught up in the technicalities, but remember the infective stage of the parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi, is something called a trypomastigote. It exists in the feces of the assassin bug, but also circulates in the periodically in the blood of an infected person.

You can get Chagas’ Disease from an blood transfusion, from an organ transplant, from ingesting the parasite (there have been several large food-borne outbreaks of Chagas’ in South America, with rather grave consequences) and mothers can pass it on to their fetuses.

The blood supply in the United States is screened, though, so your chances of getting it that way are virtually nil.

The research team is in Lima now, preparing to go to Colan tomorrow to check on the status of dogs there.

If they have disease, does it mean that humans are diseased?

Stay tuned.

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