For some reason, Brigitte Bardot has become more popular than parasitic disease

I noticed an odd uptick (do upticks carry disease?) in the number of visitors to my blog. Fortunately, there is software that tells us how HTMLyou found us.

It turns out the “Dishes from the Sixties” ploy has worked, alas a bit too well. Most of the visitors to the blog are now coming to look for Ms. Bardot, and I wonder how many of them stick around to look at the nasty little pictures of bugs. Precious few, I imagine.Amazingly, no one seems to have come here to look at Sophia Loren, who (IMHO) is far more worth the search.

So listen you naughty voyeurs! I have devised a manner in which you can avoid the eternal fires of hell and damnation (you may still end up in purgatory, but there’s only so  much pull an agnostic a with blog can manage). You must commit yourselves to reading all the posts about diseases and public health!

Your reward is more of this:

Victoria can keep her damn secret

And less of this (Anita Ekberg today–and don’t think that you’re immune):

It all got washed away in the Trevi Fountain


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