Who says they don´t love their pets in other countries?

Does this picture require narration?

Can I say third world anymore? (The rules change so often that I lose track)

This man drives a mototaxi (picture coming shortly), a three-wheeled motorcyle converted into a passenger-carrying vehicle. Fares are typically 2 soles ($0.68). There are hundreds plying the streets of Paita, the port town where this picture was taken.

The St. Francis of Assisi Humane Society of Colan set up a clinic. Dogs were given a dose of oral anti-parasitics and a spot-on treatment against fleas and ticks, and then agreed to have blood taken to check for heartworm, Lyme, and ehrlichiosis. Not surprisingly, their is no Lyme disease (that´s our disease), nor did I find any heartworm (mosquitoes don´t do well in the desert).

Are there other problems?

Stay tuned….


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