Sophia and Marcello discuss Chagas’ Disease

1962: A hopeful Mastroianni and Loren discuss their hopes and wishes for a Chagas' -Free world before Marcello dies. Alas, Marcello did not live to see that day, but apparently, Ms. Loren has every intention of doing so.

Marcello: Uno delle cose piú spaventosi di questi “chirimachas” é la loro abitudine di nascondersi in interstizi, e uscire solo di notte. Puoi stare in letto, svegliata, e non puoi addormentarti perche stai pensando che ogni fessura, che ogni interstizio, ogni spazio stretto abbia qualcosa misteriosa nascosta dentro…


4 responses to “Sophia and Marcello discuss Chagas’ Disease

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  2. I was bitten twice today by what they call an Orange Assassin. I saw an assassin on a web site that was the one that got me not the orange. The web site was not sure what it was they just mew it was an assassin. What should I expect if anything? ( thumb and middle finger) Heck of a bit on the little guys.

  3. Richard: Is this your blog? I thought so, but when I saw the picture of Sophia and Marcello…
    It’s Kit.

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