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The Algarrobina Cocktail

Kind of like an alcoholic chocolate milk

• 2 oz. pisco
• 2 oz. algarrobina
• 2 oz. milk
• 1 oz. syrup
• 1/4 cacao cream
• egg yolk


In a blender, liquefy all the ingredients with cracked ice. Serve in a cocktail glass.

Algarrobina is a syrup made from the Black Carob (algarrobo) tree. It’s sweet. I’ve seen recipes for this using egg whites instead of yolks, and using as much as 3 oz. of pisco.


An Entrement

After the last post, I need to reset my mental screensaver.

The Great Researchers, part 2: How to do research, and Thing One

First, find a disease that no one has been able to claim yet.

I am looking to carve out my own niche, because investigators are kind of like Spanish explorers–they arrive at a piece of territory and declare it theirs. The irony of this occurring in South America–a land conquered by conquistadores–is poignantly humorous, or humorously poignant, or just plain twisted, but what do I know?  I’m a late arrival (but not successful enough to be an arriviste–yet) in this part of the New World.

Thing One–and Thing Two–are researchers.

But I don’t think they ever smiled this much.
Anyway, first day in country.
I have never met Thing 1, or Thing 2 for that matter. Rumor has it that they are the experts on said disease in said country.
Should be great to work with them, no?
I go to breakfast. And, look! There is Thing One, drinking her coffee and reading a book.
I sit down. Good morning.
Good morning, says Thing One. She doesn’t look up.
I try to make some conversation.
Thing One says nothing.
Not uh-huh, not yes.
Thing One does not even nod her head.
I have never met Thing One before, but we are supposed to communicate about this project. However, Thing One seems intent on proving that, at least in her mind, I don’t exist, or at least  merit less attention than, well, insert your own simile.
I wonder if Thing One isn’t having a bad day.
I find out later I must have caught her in what must be–at a minimum–a bad decade.
Stay tuned for more exciting adventures, at least until Dr. Seuss’s estate makes me edit this post.