Mental Health Monday (because it’s Monday somewhere.)

(No, actually, it’s not. You’re just late.)

you can leave out the Knives and nooses, at least until new year’s.

North Pole Coroner, Ülf Bjøngerøgekkøn, ruled out foul play, saying that the Good Saint's death was a suicide.

Right about now the usual talk about the holidays and depression starts to circulate, and we take it as axiomatic that some people are going to spiral into a family/excess expense/sugarplum-fueled vortex of despair. But, wait, there’s good news! In the category of things-you-won’t-believe-but-are-nonetheless-true, falls the myth about suicide and Christmas.


Researchers Simon Carley and Mark Hamilton reviewed 16 papers on the Christmas-New Year’s season (Emerg Med J 2004 21: 716-717), and found that suicide and parasuicide rates go down around Christmas. They do, however, rise slightly at the start of the New Year.

Despondent? Celebrate with those you love, and don’t go home alone.


One response to “Mental Health Monday (because it’s Monday somewhere.)

  1. The Santa case was recently re-opened. Shortly before the death was declared a suicide, the Polar police had questioned and were about to arrest one of the elves–an elf who, it has since come to light, has a side gig as Bjøngerøgekkøn’s “houseboy.’’ According to a police spokesperson, it has been determined that further inquiries are in order.

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