Another letter from a bitten reader

Reader SM writes:

Hi I am happy to have found this post. I was bitten by what looked like an assassin bug in 2003. It was an experience that I will never forget. I was walking across a lawn at Fresno State University in Southern California when this bug leaped out of the grass and onto my leg. It had very strong muscles in its legs because I couldn’t shake it off. I had to pluck it off and it took some effort on my part. It had a similar coloration on its edges to a bee. My leg soon began to swell to an incredible degree I am a fairly slim woman and if you had looked at that leg alone you would honestly think I weighed 300 lbs at least. I fell asleep under a tree from exhausted after this happened and I think I recall that it was painful as well. The swelling did go down and by the time I went to the doctor there was little more than a little scar where the insect had bit me. My doctor wouldn’t test for Chagas and told me I was fine. This upset me but I just accepted what he said and went on with life.

I do have many health problems, pre-dominantly headaches, migraines, pain in my joints and back, lethargy/fatigue, intolerance to heat, depression, anxiety, acid reflux, allergies and sinus problems, and incontinence. As well as a whole host of skin rashes including a red rash on my face that looks like lupus but has been diagnosed as rosacea so far.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

We will be getting some opinions and responding soon. However, unless you’ve been in Latin America, it is nearly inconceivable that you have Chagas’ disease.


One response to “Another letter from a bitten reader

  1. I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to say here, Vanessa. Please explain!

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