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Ever wonder what happened to Avian Influenza?


This update from the OIE:

BANGLADESH–1/3rd of the country’s farm-raised chickens have been decimated by
the latest outbreak of bird flu, a top poultry farmer said Thursday
[21 Jul 2011], demanding compensation for the affected farms.

He said that the government needed to roll up its sleeves and help
the affected farms with compensation and vaccines in an effort to
prevent avian influenza from inflicting a mortal blow to the key

“We’ve estimated that 10 000 to 15 000 poultry firms have been
affected by bird flu. Unfortunately, the government shows it [to be]
only 153,” said Syed Abu Siddique, president of the Bangladesh Poultry
Industries Association.

He said the outbreak has cut chicken production by more than 33 per
cent in the country’s 150 000-farm strong poultry sector, wiping out
thousands of jobs and billions of taka in investment.

Siddique said the government has exempted the industry from a number
of taxes for the next couple of years in a bid to boost its growth and
make the country self-sufficient in bird and egg production.

“But no fiscal measures could bail out the industry unless bird flu
is controlled and the affected farms are paid damages,” he said. The
government has recently waived all taxes on the poultry sector and
offered tax-holiday facilities for the next 2 years to 2013.

Mr. Siddique protested the “unfortunate” government ban on import of
key poultry vaccines to fight bird-flu and non-payment of compensation
commensurate with the number of culled birds.

In the proposed budget, the finance minister had initially proposed
imposition of a 5 per cent tax on the poultry sector after revenue
officials found abuse of tax benefits by some profitable farms. But
the tax was withdrawn when the parliament passed the Finance Act-2011
on Tuesday [19 Jul 2011]. The government also waived the proposed
turnover tax for poultry farms following a plea by leading farmers.

Bird flu, or H5N1, 1st broke out in the country in 2007 when more
than one million chickens were culled and tens of thousands of small
farms were closed as the flu ravaged the industry for more than 6
months. Officials said the outbreaks this year [2011] are already 3
times higher than the same period last year, prompting the authorities
to announce major bio-security surveillance in the main poultry
farming region.

I’d like to write a post with my baby tonight, but. . .

it’s too darn hot.

(High temperature, 100 degrees Fahrenheit, new record)

Ann Miller, from the 1953  (not the ’60s?–so sue me!) MGM version of Kiss Me Kate.

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I’m not posting tonight. I’m watching the NL All-Stars take on the AL Overpaids.

Put some DEET on those shoulders, Brigitte, or The Invasive Little Mosquito

This is Aedes albopictus.
This is a female Aedes albopictus  sucking blood from a human being. (Only the females suck blood.)

Who signs up as the hand models for these pictures, anyway?

This is another picture of one sucking blood. It turns out that in most pictures of mosquitoes that they are posing on a human’s hand.

This is where Aedes albopictus should be found.

Geographical range
Native range: Ae. albopictus occurs thoughout the Oriental Region from the tropics of Southeast Asia, the Pacific and Indian Ocean Islands, north through China and Japan and west to Madagascar.

These are some of the places where Aedes albopictus has been introduced.

Where Ae. albopictus was found in the US, 10 years ago. How much has it spread since then?

This is another..

Watch out, Daisy Miller!

…and here are some more spots.

This is where mosquitoes like to live, breed, and hitch intercontinental rides.

(Used tires are shipped from one country to another.)

Aedes albopictus is a vector of some really nasty diseases, like Dengue and Chikungunya (post coming soon).

I believe that both Brigitte and Issur Danielovitch were wearing sun block and insect repellent, as they are still alive to tell the tale.

Known introduced range: Ae. albopictus has been one of the fastest spreading animal species over the past two decades (Benedict et al. 2007). The mosquito has been introduced in North and South America, with more recent introductions having occurred in Africa, Australia and Europe, where it is established in Albania and Italy and where it has been detected in France (Eritja et al. 2005). In the United States, it is established in most states east of the Mississippi River as far as Minnesota and Delaware (Source: Novak). It has spread to at least 28 countries outside its native range around the globe (Benedict et al. 2008). Climate change will likely allow tiger mosquitoes to further increase their range by increasing areas of suitable climate. These areas could include Australia (Dr. Moira McKinnon pers. comm. in Beilharz 2009), New Zealand (Derraik, 2004) and further north in the United States (Phillips, 2008).

Check out this invasive species link, which is where the above quote came from.

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I have no idea what this means in the scheme of things, but Taylor Buchholz’s baseball career is on hold due to depression and anxiety.