Go Get Your Flu Shot

My kids’ pediatrician doesn’t “believe” in the flu shot. That’s the word he uses, but since I know him to a person who thinks carefully about things, I know he means that for him the evidence just doesn’t add up. I look at the same evidence and I come to a different result. I am getting the flu shot, and my children will also. I don’t have a choice–the United States Army Reserve requires that I get vaccinated. They figure that a soldier with the flu isn’t worth much, and is a danger to other soldiers. Right on both counts.

As for my kids’ doctor, he’ll give patients the injection if their parents ask for it, or if they are in a one of the groups designated as high risk. The concern with healthcare workers, of course, is that they will be super-spreaders of the disease to vulnerable populations.  People infected with influenza begin to shed virus before they begin to show signs.

Don’t be a wimp



One response to “Go Get Your Flu Shot

  1. What about intranasal?

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