Plato, on the compensation owed to physicians

Hippocrates (the Oath Guy)

Hippocrates (the Oath Guy)

Enough, I said, of these civilities. It will be better that I should ask you a question: Is the physician, taken in that strict sense of which you are speaking, a healer of the sick or a maker of money? And remember that I am now speaking of the true physician. . .

Then medicine does not consider the interest of medicine, but the interest of the body?

Then, I continued, no physician, in so far as he is a physician, considers his own good in what he prescribes, but the good of his patient; for the true physician is also a ruler having the human body as a subject, and is not a mere money-maker; that has been admitted?

–Plato, The Republic, Book I

One response to “Plato, on the compensation owed to physicians

  1. Plato believed the highest good is to engage in philosopy. The concept of supporting oneself and family did not resonate with the ancient Greeks because they had slaves to do all their work. I doubt anyone would recommend that we go back to that environment!

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