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New Post on The Meta-Bug: Baseball! (And why I finally gave up on the Cubs)

It’s all the fault of the right-wing conspirators.

Sunday Probability Puzzler

The Sock Drawer obama soxProbabilities, likelihoods, odds ratios, etc. All of these things are important when deciding on public health and medical interventions. In light of this, we present you with our first probability puzzler.

You have a sock drawer with red socks and white socks. You want the probability of drawing two red socks, in the dark, to be 1/2. What is the minimum number of white and red socks in the drawer such that the probability is 0.50?

No cheating. Show your work and explain. Winner gets to pick the next 60s dish.  redsox

What’s the big deal, then?

A disease alert From ABC 23 KERO Bakersfield:

Link to CDC guide

Link to CDC guide

“Those hospitals discovered carbapenem resistant enterobacteria known
as CRE. It’s a drug-resistant bacterium that could kill someone and he
or she wouldn’t even know it.
Kern Medical Center, San Joaquin
Community Hospital and Mercy Hospital Downtown each discovered a case
of CRE last month.

I have to say that of all the ways to be killed, being killed and not even knowing it would be my favorite. Knives, guns, and malaria look far too painful.

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We promise not to forget you. When we first met you, on black and white TV, 70 must have seemed as far as Pluto. Now it seems too soon. When you asked “Dimmi Quando,” who’da thunk the answer would be  so soon and in this manner. Thanks for everything, from the beach parties to your inspiring Gilda Radner.



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We didn’t want to do it. Really, we didn’t. Also tried to resist cell phones, text messaging for anything other than semi-urgent to urgent notifications. We are not Luddites–we like ABS, read eBooks, love PubMed searches, but competing with Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry and Pitbull? Maybe I’m selling them short. Maybe they understand zoonosis and ID, and I’m just being a green-eyed snob.


Now is Sophia were to tweet…..



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