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Pan American Zoonotic Research and Prevention, Inc., is Open for Business!


Pan American Zoonotic Research and Prevention (PAZ) embraces the  concept that the well-being and the health of humans and non-human animals are interconnected. Human beings have co-evolved with their domesticated animals, the humans using animals for food, protection, labor, and companionship, while the animals have relied on humans for shelter and sustenance. We have a long history, as well, of extensive contact with wild animals. Although our relationship with animals is for the most part benign and beneficial, there are dangers that have long been recognized, and humans have worked to reduce the risks and increase the benefits.

Overpopulation and unrestricted reproduction in the domestic animal population and human lack of education on animal health matters poses a risk to the welfare of both humans and animals. By engaging in work that addresses the over population and health problems of animals in underserved areas, human and animal health can be improved and animal welfare can be increased. At the same time, lack of knowledge about wildlife can also have severe consequences. 60-70% of emerging human diseases come from animals , and there are often severe consequences to these events. Campaigns help,  but we are forming an organization to provide the continuous effort and attention over the prolonged period of time it takes to achieve real results.

Our mission is to accomplish remediate  zoonotic  disease problems (transmissible to humans from animals) that occur at the human-animal interface.We will accomplish this  through three main activities:

  •  Research of diseases that affect both human and animal populations of Latin America especially  zoonotic diseases, emerging and re-emerging diseases,  and neglected tropical diseases
  • Interventions to limit sickness and death due to theses diseases, including measures to control animal overpopulation, and  improvement of housing and nutrition for animals and humans
  • Education of  lay and medical populations on these diseases.

As an organization, we value:

  • Ethical and humane treatment of humans and animals
  • Transparency
  • The promotion of careers for professionals and lay persons working in the animal health and human public health field
  • Novelty—we embrace taking approaches that show new and creative ways to solve problems and conduct research
  • Sustainability–We hope that this enterprise will be able to partially fund itself through community engagement and providing services
  • People working for the greater good should be compensated fairly for their time —promoting human and animal welfare should not come at the cost of depriving employees of a fair wage and a decent living

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