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It’s Almost Groundhog Day, Baby

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For every kiss you give me, I'll give you three

The Assassin Bug believes in hard science and the Oracular Marmota monax.


Sophia and Marcello discuss Chagas’ Disease

1962: A hopeful Mastroianni and Loren discuss their hopes and wishes for a Chagas' -Free world before Marcello dies. Alas, Marcello did not live to see that day, but apparently, Ms. Loren has every intention of doing so.

Marcello: Uno delle cose piú spaventosi di questi “chirimachas” é la loro abitudine di nascondersi in interstizi, e uscire solo di notte. Puoi stare in letto, svegliata, e non puoi addormentarti perche stai pensando che ogni fessura, che ogni interstizio, ogni spazio stretto abbia qualcosa misteriosa nascosta dentro…

Some Real Peruvian Dogs

From my last trip. This is in and around Arequipa, the second largest city in Peru. There is a lot of Chagas’ Disease in the villages surrounding Arequipa.

There is both beauty and hard times in this area. Somehow the beginning of the Goldberg  (Gould’s version) just seemed to go with it.