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My dog has Ehrlichiosis!! Anaplasmosis!! Lyme Disease!!

Or does it?

The American Dog Tick (only infects American dogs)

When I was a practicing vet, I saw how the medicine of fear works to beef up the wallets of practicing vets. As much as I like a meaty wallet, I found that hucksterism just isn’t my cup of suet. Am I being hyperbolic? Using too many high-cholesterol food metaphors? Probably. Also, working now in public health, I find that one of main jobs is to instill the proper amount of fear in the population at large.

What’s an appropriate amount of fear?

Why, what we in public health decide is appropriate!

Anyway, if you have a dog, or if you worry about the above vector-borne diseases, or if you have an interest in how medicine can be practiced when it’s just consumer and provider and no third-party payer, read my article from The Bark.


“…and I feel this thing under my shirt, taking a stroll along my collar bone…”

Know your external parasites

and I reach in a pull off the first tick of the season. I marked it on my calendar, and planned my annual The-Ticks-Have-Returned-It-Must-Be-Spring celebration. I placed the tick in a plastic cup with some 91% alcohol so I could identify it when I’m not busy writing these (insert adjective or expletive) grant proposals. But then the hyper-efficient nanny threw it out when she came in, before I even had a chance to play with it.

Bottom line: The ticks are back. Be aware!