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New Post on the Meta-Bug

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Arsenic Poisoning and Child Development

Our friends over at PAZ (Pan American Zoonotic Research and Prevention) are looking into the negative effects of heavy metals on infant and child health.


While arsenic levels in breast milk are low even in the face of exposure by ingestion, prenatal arsenic exposure increases the risk for spontaneous abortion and stillbirth. Surviving infants whose mothers have exposed are more susceptible to pneumonia and diarrhea in infancy. Children exposed themselves to arsenic via drinking water have 10 times greater risk of developing fatal liver cancer while young. Susceptibility to arsenic poisoning is thought to be enhanced by poor nutritional level, especially low folic acid levels.

The concern of PAZ is that in Peru–where the extraction of metals is one of the main drivers of the economy–that mining will increase the exposure of children and pregnant moms to toxic levels of arsenic.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Heavy Metal Toxicity


] Arsenic dust is produced during copper and gold smelting, and coal combustion – See more at:
] Arsenic dust is produced during copper and gold smelting, and coal combustion – See more at:

] Arsenic dust is produced during copper and gold smelting, and coal combustion – See more at:
] Arsenic dust is produced during copper and gold smelting, and coal combustion – See more at:



Pan American Zoonotic Research and Prevention(PAZ) is looking for donations

Give to PAZ and Feel Warm All Winter Long, Literally.

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Our COO is on her way to Lima.

Give $75 to PAZ before October 24 and we will send you a fashionable traditional Peruvian alpaca  wool hat.

Give $125 and we will send you two!

Click on the hat to donate through gofundme.comperuvian hat

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New post at PAZ (Pan American Zoonotic Resarch and Prevention.

New Post at PAZ



New Post at Pan American Zoonotic Research and Prevention

New Post at Pan American Zoonotic Research and Prevention

It’s tough work in remote locations. 

The Passing of Thistle–A Poem by Peter Davison


This is our first summer without a dog.
Fifteen years of disgraces in the night
(tattered screen doors, overtuned garbage pails,
unexpected puddles on the guestroom bed,
and other misbehaviors) have ended at last.
She had a way of posing in the landscape,
arranging herself against a screen of trees,
upon a lawn or on an outdoor deck
so as to bring out the hero in photographers
who could focus on the challenge of her darkness.
When on the move she carried less distinction:
a scottie, long in the barrel, short of leg,
she trotted country roads like city sidewalks,
so long as a glance behind her could confirm
the support of the authority that gave her hers.
Absent such authority, she panicked:
could be found, after a search, hysterically
galloping somewhere in the wrong direction
if we returned from shopping or the movies
through a region she had not known long enough to own.
On her home turf she brooked no trespassing,
at least by motorcycles, dogs, or horses,
though she’d roll over basely for human intruders.
The children who had grown up while she watched
were patient, watching her as age declined
from sleepiness to blindness, deafness and
incontinence. Before her last collapse
she lived her life entirely through the nose
and sense of touch. And as they watched her sleep
they saw their childhoods disappearing with her
and by so much ceased a little to be children.

I who had shared, in my two-legged way,
in what I could grasp of her doggy memories,
knew we had lived through all the same affections,
felt the same losses, searched through an empty house
for someone who would never be returning,
brooded on sights and voices that had vanished.
Perhaps she had a way of understanding
our loss that she could never share with me,
but now our past belongs to me alone,
now that she’s gone, and no one else remembers
the weekends that we spent in the house together
letting each other in and out of doors.

Copyright © 1989 by Peter Davison. All rights reserved. As published in The Poems of Peter Davison (Knopf, 1995). 

Originally published in The Atlantic Monthly, September 1989. 

Cysticercosis Causes Seizures

Cysticercosis Handout


Cysticercosis is a parasitic infection caused by the larval cysts of the pork tapeworm Taenia solium. These cysts can infect multiple tissues in the body. Neurocysticercosis, the disease that results when the infection occurs in the brain, is the major cause of adult seizures in Latin America and a leading cause of adult- onset seizures in low-income countries all over the world.

MRI of brain with multiple cysts from cysticercosis

MRI of brain with multiple cysts from cysticercosis

Cysticercosis is transmitted via the fecal-oral method. The process begins with one person eating infected, undercooked pork, acquiring a tapeworm infection, and then shedding eggs in his or her feces. If those eggs are ingested by this person or another human, cysticercosis ensues.

Web of Infection for cysticersosis

Web of Infection for cysticersosis

In this way, poor hygiene facilitates cysticercosis. Similarly, poor food safety practices perpetuate both the tapeworm infections and the cysticercosis transmission cycle. Through a combination of research, education and improved infrastructure, PAZ is working to reduce the disease burden of cysticercosis in Northern Peru. 

Pan American Zoonotic Research and Prevention (PAZ) is working to control cysticercosis in Northern Peru. Please click here (or on Brigitte in the left column) to donate!